Thursday March 7th in Hoxton at 8pm

As previously discussed on this here blog forum, the Vlks V will be under the very harsh spotlights of The Workshop on Thursday March 7th. It’s on Old Street, near Hoxton Square.

The doors swing open at 7:30ish. Having put 6 shiny pound coins into his metal tray, the warden will stamp your hand and let you in just in time to see the tight five of the Vlks scrum lock into place. We’re expecting to commence the big push at about 8:15pm.

For those reading this RIGHT NOW, that is one week and 2 days away. Basically, not as long away as we thought (and before you send in your angry postcards, I am fully aware that you won’t all be reading this at exactly the same time as each other. This admittedly renders much of this paragraph flawed and pointless, but I am willing to let that slide for the time being.  See here for other ways on telling the time).

It’s Ray Parlour’s birthday on March 7th. Just putting that out there in case it means you can’t come. He’s having a big do, and his circulation list is pretty large. There’s bound to be some crossover.


Practise in Bermondsey


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