As summer wheezes and splutters through slate grey skies in the Yoo Kay, the combined spinal column of the Vlks beast has had its 5 limbs flung across borders and timezones – all at once, we’ve breathed in the air of Alaska, Canada, Italy, Greece, France, Somerset, Norfolk and (best til last) Gillingham.

Since XOYO, whilst we have been breaking water-based volleyball records and boarding Arctic cruises, ‘Day Of Bees’ has taken on a life of its own. It has become particularly popular in Italy. It has in fact been listened to nearly 10 times more in Italy than it has in Britain. We have no idea why. George was chased down the Tiber by screaming fans on wooden boats when he was in Rome recently. We haven’t seen him since actually so if anyone knows how to play violin….


  • No gigs this summer – thanks for the offers, but we’re concentrating on….
  • RECORDING NEW SONGS (which we’ll be doing with Jim Riley shortly)
  • Releasing our 2nd EP (in August)
  • Preparing for our first London headline show at Sebright Arms (in September). HINT – BUY TICKETS HERE.

Do shout if you have any queries,


Practise in Bermondsey 2

PS –  buy Day Of Bees (with the other 3 songs from the EP) by looking HERE


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