Vlksathon: 6 Music, BBC Introducing, Vlks X, Sebright Arms

Finally, the summer is over. The days are shortening and the dark is appearing. Vlks are at their strongest in the dark. You were warned.

But, good news for everyone. Not only is the Vlks X EP out next Monday, but its lead track ‘Clutter‘ is being thrown all over the radio  – BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing are amongst those imbibing on its tales of a messy front room.  BBC Introducing called it Record of the Week, in fact. I imagine they clearly identify with the problems aggressive damp causes to your skirting boards. Dettol doesn’t sort everything, friends. You can have that tip for free.

This also means the countdown to the next London show is ever falling. You can still buy tickets for a night with Vlks on September 26th at Sebright Arms HERE: https://parallellines.ticketabc.com/events/vlks/.

Don’t forget that the 26th September is also our very own George Bacon’s birthday. So bring a cake or something, yeah?

BREAKING NEWS: We are hoping to have T-shirts to sell. You read that right, T-shirt fiends.

(Vlks X artwork by Christoff Spurr)

Artwork by Christoff Spurr

Artwork by Christoff Spurr


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