After the gig at Sebright Arms in September, Vlks have been typically off the radar (if not off the radio). We’re biding our time, keeping the mice out and politely declining a fair few gigs. The Vlks way is generally to keep to things behind the scenes. Developments do occur daily, but the most sensible amongst you won’t want to read them.

Some slight news is the imminent release of something new, possibly before Christmas but more likely in January. The ducks all have to be lined up, you see, and there are a lot of ducks. A waddling of ducks, in fact. Yeah. A waddling of ducks.*

The new release will contain a recording called ‘Good Grief’. It was recorded with Jim Riley a month or so ago.  We played it at Sebright Arms. Everyone screamed. We took that as evidence of Vlksmania rather than cries of horror. It is much more likely to be the latter, and for that reason we’ll probably give it away for free. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right?

We’ll keep you posted as and when things get to the point of needing posting. Until then, the EPs Vlks V and Vlks X are available from pretty much everywhere.


*If Vlks can be good for anything, it’s fodder for pub quizzes. A waddling of ducks is just one of lots of options. I could have used badelynge, bunch, brace, flock, paddling, raft or team. Ducks in their collective nouns are just something else, aren’t they?


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