Vlks at Sebright Arms this Thursday

Vlks headline London’s Sebright Arms on Thursday 26th September in association with Parallel Lines Promotions

TICKETS – advance tickets from here or £6 on the door (assuming it doesn’t sell out…)

Doors at 7:30

Support from Wolfboy at 8:30.

Matthias ‘Wolfboy’ Connor will be reading from his recently published book ‘Greatest Hits’, which will be available to buy on the night. Or from here

Vlks enter the fray at 9:25.

Featured by Paul Lester as The Guardian’s band of the day a couple of months ago, Vlks headline their first London show on 26th September at Sebright Arms (with Parallel Line Promotions, who also represent The National, Parquet Courts, Wild Beasts and many others).  Their debut single ‘Day Of Bees’ was described by The Guardian as pure “indie gloom”, comparing the band to The Smiths. The new EP is called Vlks X and is out on September 23rd. The lead track ‘Clutter’ has begun receiving airplay already via BBC 6 Music (see Soundcloud link above).

There is a chance we’ll have some T-shirts to sell. But there won’t be many. You can obviously buy our new EP right now – see here for more details.

Looking forward to it….


Vlks Cmdn Twn


Vlks X – out now


Our 2nd EP Vlks X is out today and thus available right bloody now through Believe Digital. You can buy it from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all kinds of other places I haven’t listed. there. Consumers – you have choice and lots of it.

The EP includes ‘Clutter’, formerly BBC Introducing record of the week and still glowing warm from 6 Music love. Said EP also includes the recordings ‘Stuffed Birds’, ‘Feathers’ and ‘Cold Trains’. It has artwork from Christoff Spurr.


See you there. And do share the news, yeah?

DG (with favourite duck)

Dave and Pamplemousse

Vlksathon: 6 Music, BBC Introducing, Vlks X, Sebright Arms

Finally, the summer is over. The days are shortening and the dark is appearing. Vlks are at their strongest in the dark. You were warned.

But, good news for everyone. Not only is the Vlks X EP out next Monday, but its lead track ‘Clutter‘ is being thrown all over the radio  – BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing are amongst those imbibing on its tales of a messy front room.  BBC Introducing called it Record of the Week, in fact. I imagine they clearly identify with the problems aggressive damp causes to your skirting boards. Dettol doesn’t sort everything, friends. You can have that tip for free.

This also means the countdown to the next London show is ever falling. You can still buy tickets for a night with Vlks on September 26th at Sebright Arms HERE: https://parallellines.ticketabc.com/events/vlks/.

Don’t forget that the 26th September is also our very own George Bacon’s birthday. So bring a cake or something, yeah?

BREAKING NEWS: We are hoping to have T-shirts to sell. You read that right, T-shirt fiends.

(Vlks X artwork by Christoff Spurr)

Artwork by Christoff Spurr

Artwork by Christoff Spurr

Wolfboy and horror – support for Sebright Arms

Hello Vlks folks,

Very pleased to confirm that the excellent Matthias ‘Wolfboy’ Connor has agreed to read from some of his writings as our support at Sebright Arms on Sept 26th.  His first book, ‘Greatest Hits’, has just been published through De Stijl Records and will be on sale at the Sebright Arms. For more info, see http://destijlrecs.com/166.html

We also plan on having a horror film soundtrack DJ set between Wolfboy’s readings and Vlks.

Buy tickets for the gig here: https://parallellines.ticketabc.com/events/vlks/


Vlks X artwork below by Christoff Spurr (see http://misterbenn.co.uk/)

Artwork by Christoff Spurr

Artwork by Christoff Spurr

Vlks X release confirmed

The new Vlks EP ‘Vlks X’ will be released on September 23rd 2013.

It carries on from where the debut release left off – the lead track ‘Clutter’ lamenting damp on the skirting boards against a monochrome chamber-pop backing track of weeping strings and Serge Gainsbourg percussion.

Vlks’ debut EP (‘Vlks V’) was released in April 2013 to nationwide critical acclaim – its lead track ‘Day Of Bees’ described by The Guardian as a ‘promisingly miserabilist start – a neat line in elegiac melodrama and camply overblown lyrics’ whilst being compared to Wild Beasts and The Smiths and receiving airplay via BBC Introducing.

Vlks have since supported The Wave Pictures and more recently Still Corners at London’s XOYO and will be headlining their first London show at The Sebright Arms on September 26th, through Parallel Lines Promotions (The National, Wild Beasts, Daughn Gibson, Parquet Courts, Sky Larkin). Tickets can be bought from here.

The full track-listing for Vlks X is:

1) Clutter (click HERE to listen via Soundcloud)
2) Stuffed Birds
3) Feathers
4) Cold Trains

The EP was recorded with Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios. All artwork and photography by Christoff Spurr.

Artwork by Christoff Spurr

Artwork by Christoff Spurr


As summer wheezes and splutters through slate grey skies in the Yoo Kay, the combined spinal column of the Vlks beast has had its 5 limbs flung across borders and timezones – all at once, we’ve breathed in the air of Alaska, Canada, Italy, Greece, France, Somerset, Norfolk and (best til last) Gillingham.

Since XOYO, whilst we have been breaking water-based volleyball records and boarding Arctic cruises, ‘Day Of Bees’ has taken on a life of its own. It has become particularly popular in Italy. It has in fact been listened to nearly 10 times more in Italy than it has in Britain. We have no idea why. George was chased down the Tiber by screaming fans on wooden boats when he was in Rome recently. We haven’t seen him since actually so if anyone knows how to play violin….


  • No gigs this summer – thanks for the offers, but we’re concentrating on….
  • RECORDING NEW SONGS (which we’ll be doing with Jim Riley shortly)
  • Releasing our 2nd EP (in August)
  • Preparing for our first London headline show at Sebright Arms (in September). HINT – BUY TICKETS HERE.

Do shout if you have any queries,


Practise in Bermondsey 2

PS –  buy Day Of Bees (with the other 3 songs from the EP) by looking HERE

Vlks + special guests to play Sebright Arms in September

We’re very pleased to announce that Vlks will be playing at London’s Sebright Arms on September 26th. Currently billed as “Vlks + special guests“, the show will be our first headline show after the release of ‘Vlks V‘ and our recent excursion supporting the marvellous Still Corners and Woman’s Hour at XOYO.

As with that show at XOYO, the event is hosted by Parallel Line Promotions. Tickets can be bought from HERE.

We’ll be choosing and announcing support in good time.


Live at XOYO

Live at XOYO